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This research was conducted to answer same question about what fish cornnzodifies
would be developed in order to inzprove fishermen income and to make a high contribution on
the economy of Cilacap Regency of Central Java Province by using Localion Quotient Anaiysis.
The objectives of this research are (I) to ana[y=e what conzmodity which based on capture
fishery sector; and (2) to analyze printer fish commodities from capture fisheries sector. his
research method used stu& and continued to descriptive analysis. dala were anabed in this
research came from secondary data i.e production data of Cilacap, of Central Java Province
from 1999 lo 2003. Data were analy=ed by using econonzical mathenzatics which is szcpported by
Excel computer progranz. The result showed that (I) conznzodities which based on capture
fisheries sector that would be a key factor for regional development of Cilacap Regency had LOvalues
were bigger then I, therefore for regional the commodity mighr be exported~F or example
in big pelagic fish i. e. skipjack tuna LQ= 23.27) and snapper (LO= 1.22), in denlersalfish ie.
white ponfret (LQ=9.72), Layur (LQ=8.38), black pomzet (LQ=6.75) and shark (LQ=6.14),
shrimp (LQ=8.77) andsquid (LQ=l.40), (2) primer conmzodity offwhfionz captz~.efisherieso f
Cilacap Regency, i.e. skipjack tuna, layur, shark, shrimp, and squid, snapper, white ponEfret
and black pomfret. Those primer fish corrzniodities lrlo~tld be promote as key commodities in
capture fisheries development because they would inzprove income and their conlribzrtion in
regional economy in terms of export value
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